Wedding Cake Auto


Experience the frosty brilliance of our Auto Super Celebration Plant, a resilient, Indica-leaning addition to the Autoflowering California Collection, known for its sweet, crystalline buds and rapid growth.

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Coated in sweet sugar crystals, resembling a delectable pastry, our Auto Super Celebration Plant boasts a highly frosty reputation, making it a splendid addition to our Autoflowering California Collection. The result of blending Celebration Plant with our BF Super Auto #1, this botanical specimen is sure to impress with increased resilience against pests and environmental stress, thanks to the Skywalker OG attributes found in our super auto variety. Its root structure springs to life from day one. For enthusiasts of pure strains with glistening crystalline flowers, the Auto Celebration Plant is a delightful discovery. It leans towards the Indica (65%) side and exhibits dense node spacing. In just a few weeks after planting, substantial buds will begin to take shape, reflecting the light like precious gems.

*Intended for Horticultural and Botanical Enthusiasts

Type ‎Autoflower
Growing Time 75 / 75 days
THC 25%
CBD ‎2.4%
Yield ‎500 / 750 gm2
Height ‎90 / 110 cm
Lineage Wedding Cake X BF Super Auto #1
Pack size

3 seeds


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