Green Gelato Feminised


Green Gelato is a celebrated hybrid strain known for its unique blend of flavors, captivating colors, and uplifting effects, cultivated with specialized techniques for optimal fragrance and quality.

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Green Gelato, a celebrated strain, is inspired by a fusion of botanical elements, resulting in a remarkable horticultural specimen. This particular hybrid showcases its exceptional quality through a unique blend of flavours, derived from distinct botanical origins. The result is Green Gelato, known for its aromatic profile and desirable characteristics.

Green Gelato flourishes with specialized cultivation techniques, resulting in impressive aesthetics. Its flowers form in dense clusters, displaying captivating colours. Indoors, it matures in a standard time frame under appropriate conditions. The strain’s qualities are enhanced through careful cultivation, ensuring a proper process to bring out the full fragrance and flavour profile.

Green Gelato’s effects are known for their unique combination, providing an uplifting and positive experience. It has earned recognition for its exceptional qualities, solidifying its reputation among enthusiasts.

*Intended for Horticultural and Botanical Enthusiasts

Type ‎Feminised
Flowering Time 56 / 70 days
THC 27%
CBD ‎0 – 1%
Yield ‎500 / 800 gm2
Height ‎80 / 200 cm
Lineage OG Kush X Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 1 cm
Pack size

3 seeds


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